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Most of us cannot live comfortably without a healthy amount of air conditioning. The warm weather in Australia can get intense, and being able to go home and cool down is a great feeling. However, your air conditioner won’t last forever.

Keeping an old air conditioner might not always be dangerous to your health and home, but as units wear out, they may be less effective at cooling your space, leaving you feeling hot and bothered. Besides that, you could notice an increase in your energy bills as your air conditioner struggles to keep up with your needs.

If you have been wondering if it might be time to replace your air conditioner, there are some ways to tell that now could be the moment. We have gathered together seven of the top signs that you might need to replace your air conditioner. Read on to find out more, and to decide whether now is the time to get a professional in to replace your unit.

Irregular heat and cooling

One of the worst things that can happen during a long hot summer or warm winter is that your air conditioner begins acting erratically. At their best, air conditioning units should emit a steady level of cooling for your home, but aging units may not be able to do this. If you are setting the temperature and find that the air coming through is warm rather than cool, then this is a good sign that there is an issue with your air conditioner.

You might also notice some rooms are remaining cool while others are heating up; any of these means it’s time to talk to a professional. A part replacement could be all it takes to get your unit back to its best – but when left unattended, these issues can add up and make a full unit replacement much more likely.

Unstable airflow

Along the same lines, you could notice that there is a reduced overall airflow coming out through your unit. If you have had your unit thoroughly cleaned and still find that the airflow is insufficient, this is another sign that the air conditioner could be getting near to the end of its life.

You may also find that your air conditioner is beginning to “short-cycle” – or that it is switching itself off randomly rather than remaining the way you set it. This could be down to a faulty fuse, which puts strain on the unit, but again it might mean it’s time to replace your air conditioner.

Leaking or too much moisture

This one really is dependent on the make and model of your unit, however, you often will find condensation or some small amount of water dripping outside of your house. This should not worry you, as it’s entirely normal.

However, if this happens inside your house, there is a leak or there is an increase in the amount of water, then this could be a problem as the unit itself should be dry.

Because your air conditioner has an electrical element to it, this is also one of the more dangerous ways a unit can become faulty. If you notice leaks, get in touch with an air conditioning professional as soon as you can to ensure that your air conditioner is safe to use. While a new air conditioner might seem like an expensive option, in this case, it is often the only course of action.

Bad smells

Air conditioning units should be nearly odourless, and a brand new air conditioning unit should emit a neutral and clean smell that does not bother anyone. But as these units age, you may begin to notice that the scent becomes less pleasant.

Odd and foul smells should not be ignored, and if you smell burning or smoky smells, it can be a serious sign. At worst, you may need to replace your unit altogether, but it could be something like mould or mildew building up in your air conditioner. If this is the case, a thorough cleaning is in order, or else you could be breathing in contaminated air.

Lots of noise

Your air conditioning unit should emit a steady, low level of noise at all times. When you first buy your unit, you may not have even noticed the sound. However, if turning on your air conditioner now comes with a louder noise, that could point to deeper issues.

If your unit is giving out loud squeaking or grinding sounds, then it is definitely time to get in touch with an expert; this is a leading sign that it’s time to replace your unit. While it might be something simple, such as the internal parts of the unit loosening or the unit becoming dirty and clogged, you won’t know for sure unless you get your air conditioner assessed by an expert.

Your energy bills are climbing

As we said before, something you might notice with an older air conditioner is that your energy bills are getting higher with no obvious cause. You might not initially be able to think of a reason why, but it’s worth ensuring that all the appliances in your home are functioning well.

An older air conditioner will not be as up to date and energy-efficient as newer units, and as it struggles to maintain the cool temperatures you require, it uses more and more energy. You may be able to remedy this with a thorough cleaning of your unit, however, if your unit is older then it could just be slowly breaking down.

Upgrading your air conditioner, even if you have not noticed a spike in your bills, could help you to improve your energy efficiency and save you up to twenty per cent on your bills going forward. This is better for your wallet and better for the planet!

You have an older unit

Even if you have not noticed any of the previously mentioned issues, it might still be worth having a professional assess your unit as time goes by. If your air conditioner is more than ten years old, not only is the technology behind it most likely outdated and less efficient than newer models, but it could be underperforming in more subtle ways.

You may even have found that you are getting your unit repaired more and more frequently, and if it is out of warranty, this might be getting increasingly expensive. While short term fixes could seem more financially viable, a replacement will save you more money in the long run.

It has been suggested that you replace your unit once every ten years to keep up with new, energy-efficient technology that could help to keep you safe, cool, and save money on your energy bills. After all, it’s best to stay ahead of the game and replace your air conditioning unit before you notice any significant problems, or it breaks and leaves you sweating during the summertime!

So, how about it? Have you noticed one or more of these signs in your own home? Are you thinking about getting a new air conditioner? Get in touch with us at Same Day Trades for advice and help in cooling down with a new air conditioner (and more) all year round.