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A water leak in garden or yard

isn’t just frustrating; it can be an equally expensive affair.

Be it due to improper irrigation or faulty sewer lines, a water leak in garden or yard

is a more common phenomenon than you’d expect. It’s mostly caused after prolonged wear-and-tear to the exterior plumbing lines, but there’s no reason why it can’t happen due to other causes.

For instance, you may unknowingly poke the line while digging the soil for gardening or setting up the yard for a weekend gathering. And the worst part of it all is that it’s not easy to spot a leak in the dense foliage. However, if you have noticed pools of water and mud in your garden, it’s likely due to a leaking pipe.

Since fixing leaking pipes is not how most homeowners picture spending their free time, it’s best left to a professional. Here at Same Day Trades

, our trained plumbers are always ready to take on any plumbing job. We work with all pipe types and materials to make your life easy.

How To Detect An Outdoor Water Leak?

Spotting a water leak in garden or yard

is bound to bring out the detective in you! As you may already know, the most common sign is pools of stagnant water in the yard. But other than that, here are some more prominent side-effects:

  1. Increased Water Bills

If your water bills have suddenly shot up without any apparent leak, it may be a good idea to check the yard.

  1. Damp Walls

Unfortunately, the problem of leaking water isn’t exclusive to the area of the leak. This is because the water isn’t supposed to come out of the closed pipe system at any point except for the faucet. But if the pipe is damaged, the leaking water can introduce moisture and dampness along the entire pathway.

  1. Muffled Water Sounds

Under normal circumstances, it’s practically impossible to hear the sound of flowing water in the closed pipe systems. That said, any breach in the pipe can amplify the otherwise muffled sound. If you have heard it in the yard but can’t explain why, then you now have an answer!

Why Hire Us?

At Same Day Trades,

our plumbers arrive fully equipped to tackle any plumbing issue on the spot. And in case of any replacement, rest assured that we work with only the best brands to provide you with high-quality products and performance.

You can book our services by clicking on the “contact us” tab and filling up our e-form. Or, reach us directly at the 24×7 emergency helpline. Our plumber will arrive at your doorstep within a couple of hours.

Not only that, but our flexible payment plans offer minimal deposit and interest-free options, which can be availed in just a few minutes! Our very reasonable rates remain fixed even on public holidays and weekends.

So, book an appointment today!


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Living alone meant when my toilet and drain was not working I was completely stressed and had no idea what to do. From the initial phone call, to the first visit and quote for the job I was reassured and helped by each person...


Luke at Same Day Trades did a great job and was very professional and courteous as are all other tradespeople that I have dealt with from your company on the times that I have used your services.


We had a kitchen drain that was blocking up from grease. The plumber cleaned it out with Hydro jet drain cleaning machine. Drain is now back to original condition. Very happy with the works done.

Nikki B.

Preformed a great service and was very clear on pricing and what needed to be done before starting. Also went above and beyond to make sure there was no other problems elsewhere that needed attending too. Highly recommend!

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