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We understand your need to prioritize the safety of your home and family. That is why it is essential for you to install a circuit breaker in your home.

Most homes use a multitude of electrical appliances regularly. Although these appliances are designed to make your life easier – there is one primary aspect you need to be careful of. And that’s the possibility of overloading your electrical outlets and power boards.

What you need is a circuit breaker for your home. This device will essentially detect an electrical overload or faulty electrical wiring and mitigate the risk of electrical fires or accidents. This can be extremely beneficial in preventing accidents and ensuring that your home and family are always safe – even when you are not around.

How Can We Help You?

At Same Day Trades, we can help you install the right circuit breaker for your home. We do this by performing an initial inspection of your home to detect the specific needs and requirements. Moreover, we make a note of the electrical appliances you use regularly and their power consumption.

We also check for faulty wires, worn electrical appliances and circuits. After this, our trained experts will install the appropriate circuit breaker for the specific needs and requirements of your home.

What Do We Do During Inspection?

Every modern home uses a variety of electrical appliances and tools on the daily. Whether it is a mixer, a coffee maker, a television, or even a hairdryer.

As long as the wires and circuitry work properly, you and your home are safe from any danger. However, most laypersons are not equipped with the knowledge to recognize electrical issues – at least not before it is too late.

Contact us for a periodic inspection of your home. During the inspection, we will ensure that there are no potentially hazardous electrical appliances, wires, or circuits in your home.

Furthermore, we will install the right circuit breaker that will trip as soon as it detects a potentially hazardous electrical arc. This small device can save your home and family from electrical accidents, fires and severe danger.

Equipped with the most advanced electrical protection, our circuit breakers work day and night to ensure that your home is always safe. Moreover, installing this device will give you peace of mind and a sense of security of your home being safe even when you are not around.

Book your appointment for an instant inspection of your home. We will send one of our best-trained experts who will perform the inspection and install the best circuit breaker that will automatically trip as soon as it detects any potential threat or danger to your home.

In case you have any questions or queries, please feel free to reach out to our team. You can contact us online on our website, or you can speak with our expert after booking an appointment. Contact Same Day Trades today!


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Living alone meant when my toilet and drain was not working I was completely stressed and had no idea what to do. From the initial phone call, to the first visit and quote for the job I was reassured and helped by each person...


Luke at Same Day Trades did a great job and was very professional and courteous as are all other tradespeople that I have dealt with from your company on the times that I have used your services.


We had a kitchen drain that was blocking up from grease. The plumber cleaned it out with Hydro jet drain cleaning machine. Drain is now back to original condition. Very happy with the works done.

Nikki B.

Preformed a great service and was very clear on pricing and what needed to be done before starting. Also went above and beyond to make sure there was no other problems elsewhere that needed attending too. Highly recommend!

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