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How To Fix A Blocked Shower Drain: 7 Best Methods

Have you ever found yourself in ankle-deep murky water after you’re done showering? You’re most likely dealing with a blocked shower drain. If shower water drains slowly or doesn’t move at all, it is called ‘standing water’ and is a sign that your drain is clogged. Now, this could be anything from small blockage or […]


7 Easy Steps To Replacing a Showerhead

Are you looking at replacing a showerhead? Whether you’re considering swapping out your showerhead for something more practical or you’re after both style and substance, making that switch takes a little work upfront. When done correctly, replacing your shower head can be an easy task. From more powerful showerheads to replacements for broken parts, completely […]


Tankless Water Heaters: 11 Useful Pros and Cons

If the water tank at home feels like an arch-nemesis because you run out of water every time you need a hot shower, we understand your frustrations! After all, what’s the point of taking up all that space if it’s not going to be of use when you need it the most? We hear you […]


How to choose an electric cooktop that fits your cooking needs?

Choosing an electric cooktop seems like a simple process until you have to do it yourself. Suddenly, there are all sorts of features, types, sizes and finishes to choose from. Knowing what to consider when making your choice can save you time, energy and money, and ensure you are satisfied with your choice in the […]


What is a water leak and how does it happen?

Discovering that you have a water leak somewhere in your home is an unwelcome surprise. Especially if you haven’t had to deal with a water leak before. Water leaks can often seem like little problems at first, but if they’re left to worsen they can end up causing a huge amount of damage. One of […]


What are the main types of DIY plumbing equipment

When it comes to plumbing, there are some times when you just need a quick fix. Those emergency moments when you don’t have time to call in the experts do happen, so there are some pieces of DIY plumbing equipment that many homeowners keep around the house, beyond just a mop and bucket. What might […]


Leaking Dishwasher? Here’s 8 Easy Ways to Diagnose

Is the puddle of water that accumulates under your dishwasher after each washing cycle perturbing you? Or have you dismissed it as a minor glitch? Let’s face it; a dishwasher is a lifesaver! Without it, we’d be scrubbing dishes in the sink for hours. Imagine the horror if it leaves you with more work instead? […]


Things to Consider Before Hiring a Plumber For Your Home or Business

You have already heard the gold standard of advice when it comes to plumbing and electrical issues – that hiring a professional is the only way to go. Of course, you cannot fix complex issues by yourself, you need to call in an expert. However, it is not always quite that straightforward. Before you hire […]



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Living alone meant when my toilet and drain was not working I was completely stressed and had no idea what to do. From the initial phone call, to the first visit and quote for the job I was reassured and helped by each person...


Luke at Same Day Trades did a great job and was very professional and courteous as are all other tradespeople that I have dealt with from your company on the times that I have used your services.


We had a kitchen drain that was blocking up from grease. The plumber cleaned it out with Hydro jet drain cleaning machine. Drain is now back to original condition. Very happy with the works done.

Nikki B.

Preformed a great service and was very clear on pricing and what needed to be done before starting. Also went above and beyond to make sure there was no other problems elsewhere that needed attending too. Highly recommend!

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