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Back in March 2020, you may remember how everyone went wild buying as much toilet paper as humanly possible. No one wanted to run out of this essential item, and the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic heightened the fear of shortages. This meant that more and more people looked into toilet paper alternatives – and continue to do so.

Whether this is because you want a reliable backup solution if there really is a shortage of toilet paper, or because you are on the hunt for a more eco-friendly alternative, it isn’t as simple as choosing a new alternative.

You will also need to think about whether these alternatives are safe for your home plumbing. We look into some of the most popular alternatives to toilet paper, and whether they are a good idea.

Paper towels

The easiest alternative to reach for when you are running low on toilet paper is the trusty paper towel you will find in your kitchen. However, you do not want to flush this down the toilet. If you need to use it in a pinch, put it in the wastebasket beside your toilet, rather than trying to flush it away. Paper towels are thicker than toilet paper and does not break down as easily, meaning it could block your pipes immediately – or lead to a slow buildup and cause a flood.

Baby wipes

Another easy alternative that you might already have in your home is baby wipes or makeup remover wipes. These can be very effective in place of toilet paper, but beware – they should never be flushed away down your toilet. They take a long time to break down, and can get caught up in your plumbing system, leading to bigger problems down the line.

Reusable toilet cloths

Looking for a truly eco-friendly solution? A reusable toilet cloth could be the choice for your home. These squares of cloth are made from a similar material to cloth nappies or reusable sanitary protection, and can be used just like regular toilet paper. However, they should be washed and used again rather than flushed away, making them great for your plumbing system!


Perhaps the most popular toilet paper alternative is a bidet. Coming from France, this is a smaller plumbing item that sits alongside your toilet and can be used to rinse you after you have used the toilet. It is quick, easy, and requires no toilet paper – however, you will want a towel on hand to dry off. This can work in many homes, and should not put an extra strain on your plumbing system – talk to your local plumber to see if this could be a good choice for you.

Are you looking to introduce alternatives to toilet paper in your own home? Before you do, consider consulting a local plumber Hilton locals trust. A skilled plumber will know more about whether these alternatives are suitable for your plumbing system, and when you should stick with toilet paper! Get in touch to find out more about toilet paper alternatives and for help with all aspects of home plumbing, from routine maintenance to serious emergencies.