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  • How to choose an electric cooktop that fits your cooking needs?
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Choosing an electric cooktop seems like a simple process until you have to do it yourself. Suddenly, there are all sorts of features, types, sizes and finishes to choose from. Knowing what to consider when making your choice can save you time, energy and money, and ensure you are satisfied with your choice in the end.

You should start with the following simple questions:

1. What do you need from your cooktop?
2. What is your budget?

This is a good starting point. When considering your needs, think about the things listed in this article.

How much will you use your cooktop?

If you love cooking or have a large family, a larger cooktop may be better for you. A more seasonal cook may be better suited to a smaller one. Generally speaking, the average family will be alright with a standard cooktop that has four heating elements. Some models even have things like a griddle attached for specific needs.

Do you want a standard electric or induction cooktop?

Electric cooktops have heating elements for flameless cooking. Induction cooktops are powered by electricity, but they use electromagnetic induction to heat the pans directly for enhanced safety and energy efficiency. However, induction cooktops are usually more expensive, and you will need to buy induction cookware to use with them.

How much space do you have?

The space you have in your kitchen will dictate the maximum size of your cooktop. You must limit your consideration to options that will fit into your space, otherwise, you could end up with unnecessary work and expense to adjust your kitchen to accommodate the cooktop. Do some measurements and keep them in mind as you search.

What colour will work for you?

Though it doesn’t necessarily impact your ability to cook, you will probably want a cooktop with a colour and finish that matches your kitchen decor. A beautiful kitchen makes the room a joyful place to be, so don’t ignore this consideration.

What specific features might be useful?

Modern cooktops can come with various features that are useful for different types of households. Consider things like:

  • Child locks: this is an excellent feature to keep children safe in the kitchen. Simply press the button and your children will not be able to activate the cooktop – it will give you tremendous peace of mind while you do the dishes.
  • Precision temperature control: accurate cooking requires the right temperature, helping give food the right taste and preserve the nutrients it contains.
  • Timer: a timer can remove the burden of having to watch the clock when you are cooking. Simply set the appropriate cooking time and it will switch off automatically when the timer reaches zero.
  • Hot surface indicator: this is an excellent safety feature to alert you when one of the heating surfaces is too hot to touch with bare hands.
  • Automatic shut-off: this feature causes the cooktop to shut off if it detects spills, or if it detects that no vessel is present. This is an attractive feature for many people.

Thinking about budget

One of the most fundamental factors of your decision-making is price. It is down to you to compare the pros and cons of different options alongside their price. Depending on your needs, you should choose the option that ticks the most boxes and sits within your budget.

As previously stated, induction cooktops come at a slightly higher price than standard electric ones. However, they are likely to have more special features built-in, and their improved energy efficiency means they could save you money in the long term. And that is not to say there aren’t expensive standard electric cooktops out there as well.

One suggestion is to look out for special prices and discounts from online retailers, particularly when seasonal sales come up. This could enable you to take advantage of a bargain, and you’re more likely to find a great offer online than at physical retailers. You should also read reviews of the cooktops you add to your shortlist, as this will give you an idea of how well the features actually work.

Make the right choice for you

Never get carried by trends or cooktops that look stylish but don’t really fit your cooking needs. The tips listed above will help you consider what you need alongside factors like stylish looks and your all-important budget.

Make your choice with all these things in mind and you will be able to feel confident about your choice. The right cooktop will truly get the most out of your kitchen, so you will enjoy the pleasure of cooking the way you like in safety and comfort.

Safety is, of course, all-important, so once you have your cooktop you should always watch out for any faults or issues. If you have any concerns about your cooktop, contact Same Day Trades and we’ll take a look for you.