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You see them everywhere—on houses, gardens, hotels, and more. LED Outdoor Lighting is becoming a common feature in outdoor spaces because of its energy efficiency, long lifespan, and ability to produce a wide spectrum of colours.

Installing outdoor LED lights can be easy with the right know-how. Whether you’re looking to reduce energy costs or simply illuminate your garden so you can enjoy it after dark, installing LED lights is an affordable way to make your outdoor space even more beautiful.

Depending on the type of space you have and the available power sources, there are a variety of options for where and how you place your lights.

What are the benefits of LED Outdoor Lighting?

LED lights are energy efficient, so they are great for outdoor spaces that use a lot of electricity. They also last a long time without needing to be replaced, so you can enjoy the same outdoor lights for years to come.

Because they are more durable than traditional outdoor lighting, they are great for places that are exposed to the elements like rain and snow. You can also choose from a wide variety of colours to match your outdoor area or create a specific mood with coloured lights.

Beyond aesthetics, they can also serve a functional purpose. You can install outdoor fixtures like pathway lights or security lights to help you navigate your outdoor space or keep it safe. You can even use outdoor lights to help attract wildlife to your property.

Types of LED Outdoor Lighting

Pathway lights

Great for illuminating walkways and garden paths, pathway lights are usually installed on the ground. Most are fitted with spike or surface mounts to keep them in place. Pathway lights are available in many different forms, including strings, decorative-shaped lights, and solar lights. String lights are great for illuminating a small area, while solar lights are ideal for large walkways that need significant lighting.

Pathway lights come in both incandescent and LED varieties. With incandescent lights, you’ll need to replace the bulbs every year or two. Quality LED lights, on the other hand, last significantly longer and are more energy efficient.


Fixtures are great for illuminating trees and other larger plants. You can also use them to create a decorative or functional path throughout your yard, like along a sidewalk or around a garden. Fixtures are usually connected to a power source. You can install them in your yard or on your walls to create a functional light source.

Ribbon lights

Ribbon lights are ideal for illuminating walkways and gardens. They’re also great for creating decorative effects like wrapping around trees or bushes. LED ribbon lights are often used outdoors because of their durability. They’re perfect for areas that are prone to excessive water or fluctuating temperatures. Ribbon lights can be installed on walls or around trees, posts, and other structures. They’re also often used as Christmas lights because they come in a wide variety of colours.

Wall Lights

By using outdoor lighting to illuminate their exterior, homeowners can create a completely new ambience. There are various types of outdoor lighting available, including hanging lamps, wall lights, LED lights, and regular lighting. The popularity of LED lights outdoors has increased significantly in recent years.

How to Install an Outdoor Light Strip

Lighting strips make a great choice for decorative illumination. They can be installed under a deck, in your garden, or along a walkway. You can install an outdoor light strip in just a couple of steps.

Step One

Determine where you want to install your light strip. The best place is an area that will get a lot of sunlight, either directly or indirectly. This will help your lights stay powered and last longer.

Step Two

Determine which type of outdoor light strip works best for your needs. There are many different types of outdoor light strips, so you should choose one that best fits your application.

Step Three

Wire your outdoor strip to your existing outdoor power source. The power source can vary depending on where you want to install your LED strip. You can use a nearby outdoor outlet, a power strip connected to an outdoor outlet, or a transformer that connects to your outdoor outlet.

How to Install an Outdoor Fixture and Basket

Installing an outdoor fixture with a basket is a great way to create functional outdoor lighting.

Step One

Choose a fixture that best fits your application. Take note that fixtures come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Step Two

Once you’ve chosen a fixture, you can then choose the basket that best suits your needs. Fixtures that come with a basket are typically easier to install than those without.

Step Three

Simply screw the fixture into your desired location, and then place the basket over the fixture.

Step Four

Make sure you connect the wires to their appropriate places. This will ensure the fixture is fully functional after you install it.

How to Install Indoor/Outdoor LED Ribbon Lights

Some LED ribbon lights are designed to be indoor or outdoor lights. If yours are meant for outdoor use, you’ll need to install them outdoors.

Outdoor ribbon lights can be used to brighten walkways, garden paths, trees, and more. They’re great for decorative purposes and often come in a variety of colours. Outdoor ribbon lights are fairly easy to install.

You’ll want to start by finding an area that gets a lot of sunlight and installing your lights near the power source. You can connect your ribbon lights to a power strip that’s connected to your outdoor outlet or plug. Be sure to follow the instructions on your ribbon lights to determine how long your cables should be.

How to Install an Outdoor Floodlight

Installing a floodlight is a great way to illuminate a variety of outdoor spaces. You can install a floodlight in your home, in your garden, or along a pathway.

Floodlights are often used for outdoor security lighting or to brighten large areas. They are usually installed on the side of a building or on the ground. Floodlights are fairly easy to install. You’ll want to start by determining where you want to install your floodlight.

Next, you’ll need to determine which type of floodlight you want. There are many different floodlight types, and they can vary depending on the amount of power they require, brightness, and more.

Finally, you’ll want to run quality electrical wiring to your floodlight. You can either run an electrical conduit to your floodlight or use a standard electrical wire.

Getting Professional Help

It is strongly advised that you enlist the assistance of knowledgeable professionals to guarantee that your lights are fitted correctly and that the wiring is done securely.

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