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You have already heard the gold standard of advice when it comes to plumbing and electrical issues – that hiring a professional is the only way to go. Of course, you cannot fix complex issues by yourself, you need to call in an expert. However, it is not always quite that straightforward.

Before you hire a professional to deal with your plumbing problem, whether for your home or your business, there are several considerations you must take into account. Thinking about these ahead of time can help to ensure that you get the right professional for your job, saving you time, money, and heartache.

Here, we have collected a list of some things you will want to consider before hiring a plumber – to help you make the right call every time!


Where do you even start when looking for a plumber? You might want to begin in your own circle! Whether that means local homeowners or business owners, check in with them and ask for recommendations. This is a great way to find a suitable plumber for your job and can help you to find someone reputable and highly recommended. Do consider, though, that this might not always be a bulletproof way of finding a good tradesman – be wary if someone is strongly recommending their friend or family member, and do your due diligence if this is the case, following all the same tips on this last as you would with a stranger.


Perhaps one of the most important considerations you need to make before hiring a plumber is where they are based in relation to where you are based. Getting a plumber who is local can be a vital part of ensuring that they are able to get to you easily, and reliably, for however long you need them. Many plumbers will work in a single area, enabling them to carry out jobs more reliably. Check to see what area your chosen plumber covers, to make sure they aren’t spreading themselves too thin.


Another key part of hiring the right plumber for the job is their credentials. Not all plumbers will have the same education and experience, so you should ask them for this ahead of time. This might include pointing you to jobs they have done before that are in a similar vein to yours, and showing you that they are fully qualified and accredited in your area. This is an essential part of ensuring that you don’t get a plumber who is not properly qualified, something which is often reflected in the price they might quote you. Remember, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is!


On the subject of money, you should always get a quote for the work upfront, which is clear and fairly firm. While issues might crop up that mean that your work might be more expensive (for example, if deeper problems are detected during works being carried out), a good plumber will always give you a clear quote with a breakdown of exactly why the work costs what it does. This can be especially important if you are a business owner requiring an invoice for your records – make sure that the plumber you choose is willing to be completely transparent about their costs, and avoid “cash in hand” jobs.


When hiring a plumber, it is important to note that a plumber who is skilled at home plumbing is unlikely to have the skills and expertise to deal with bigger jobs for a business. Make sure that the plumber you hire has strong experience in the correct area for you – that means that if you are a business, they should have a history of doing jobs on a similar scale. If you are a homeowner, check that they have worked in other homes like yours, and have performed similar jobs, too. An experienced plumber will be able to share this information with you and will be happy to do so.


As well as asking your plumber for evidence of previous work done, checking for reviews of jobs they have done can be equally important. Thankfully, there are a wealth of online resources for just this reason. Most plumbers will have had their work reviewed by other home or business owners, and you can make sure that their work is as good as they say it is.

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