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It can be tempting to attempt your own repairs around the house, especially if you see yourself as a bit of a handyman. There’s nothing wrong with trying some DIY, but it’s critical that you know your limits. Electrical issues can sometimes seem like an easy fix, but there are a lot of inherent dangers associated with electrical work. That is why you need a professional electrician for any electrical work around your property.

Saving a few bucks by attempting electrical repairs at home is simply not worth the risk of a hospital visit or worse. Messing around with electricity can leave permanent injuries through electrical shocks, electrical burns, and other life-threatening injuries.

Even if you have a friend that is handy with electrical work, unless they are a professional, they should steer clear of attempting electrical repairs. They won’t be insured to work on your property and if your friend does a bad job, it puts their life at risk as well as yours and your family’s.

Although safety around electricity is the biggest reason to hire a professional electrician, there are lots of justifications. This article is going to run through a few of the top reasons why you need a professional electrician for any type of work involving electricity.

Performing unlicensed electrical work is illegal

Before you set about rewiring your home yourself, consider that you will actually be breaking the law without a valid license. All electrical work needs to be performed by someone with a current electrician’s license, otherwise, they are committing a crime.

All work that involves electricity must be conducted by a licensed electrician with the proper training. This ensures that all of the local, state, and national safety codes are adhered to and that all work will be of a professional standard.

Surprisingly, this covers all aspects of electrical work, from wiring and repairs to installing new light fixtures. In fact, the only time you don’t need a license to work with electricity is when plugging in regularly used appliances. So stay safe and on the right side of the law by using a professional electrician at all times.

Professional electricians offer peace of mind

When you use a professional electrician, you are paying for their expertise. This offers a great deal of assurance that the work being carried out will be to a high standard. With proper vettings, such as asking for credentials and proof of a valid license to perform electrical work, you will be able to avoid a lot of stress-related to electrical repairs.

A properly licensed electrician will be able to provide certain guarantees with their services, such as a professionally performed repair job on your electrical work. In the event that the job was poorly done, you won’t be held liable for the repair bill either. Most electricians will re-inspect any issues and get to work resolving the issue at no expense.

In that same scenario, if you were trying to do it yourself, you would be out of pocket, still dealing with an electrical issue and you would have put yourself at serious risk of injury in the process. It is always advised to call in the professionals for electrical work for these reasons.

Doing it yourself can cost a lot more in the long run

DIY work is often associated with cost-saving benefits as they don’t need to pay for a professional to do the work. With the advent of Youtube and how-to videos, it seems as though more people than ever are taking up some home repairs on their own.

However, dealing with electricity is not only dangerous but it can be incredibly complicated, even with a tutorial guiding you. It is often the case that after a few attempts at electrical repairs, you end up causing more damage than there was to start with. This is especially true if you are attempting repairs with little or no experience with electrical work.

Apart from it being illegal to perform electrical repairs without a license, you run the risk of being held responsible if any accidents occur in the future, for example, if you sell the property and someone gets electrocuted as a result of your DIY repairs.

Hiring a professional electrician can be viewed as an investment because it safeguards your property from accidents and legal concerns down the road. Moreover, the work will be performed to a professional standard which means fewer repairs will be needed in the future.

So, if you’re considering some DIY electrical work at home, maybe reconsider it. We have provided the top reasons why you need a professional electrician for your repair work, from cost savings to stay on the right side of the law. So save yourself the hassle, money and possibly legal trouble and trust a professional.

If you require the assistance of a professional electrician, get in touch with us at Same Day Trades in Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane today.