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When it comes to plumbing, there are some times when you just need a quick fix. Those emergency moments when you don’t have time to call in the experts do happen, so there are some pieces of DIY plumbing equipment that many homeowners keep around the house, beyond just a mop and bucket. What might you need in case of a DIY plumbing moment? We have collected the most common types of DIY plumbing equipment that you might end up needing; read on to see if you have them to hand!

Cup plunger and flange plunger

You may be surprised to learn that one plunger is not really enough! These two plungers have different shapes to make them applicable for different DIY jobs. You should have both to fully cover your household, as blockages are among the most common minor plumbing issues you might encounter. A cup plunger has a rubber end that is shaped like a cup, and it is vital for unclogging blocked sinks. It can easily dislodge food and buildup, helping your sinks to drain more successfully.

On the other hand, a flange plunger has a flared end which is ideal for using for blocked toilets. The flange plunger is designed to fit the toilet bowl and can be useful in stopping your toilet from overflowing, shifting blockages enough to make them flushable.

An auger

Got a blockage that a plunger just cannot budge? An auger is another piece of the DIY plumbing puzzle that you should have handy. Sometimes called a drain snake, you must carefully guide the auger down your drain to break up the blockage. Again, there is a slightly different auger for a sink than for a toilet, so make sure you have the correct kind for the task at hand. If you struggle to use an auger and your blockage does not clear easily, then it may be a more serious job and will need to be dealt with by a professional. Do not push the auger too hard, as this can damage your pipes.

Putty and tape

Plumber’s putty and plumber’s tape are both great tools for your DIY plumbing jobs. Plumber’s putty can be used to create a seal that can stop leaks and also secure parts. Meanwhile, plumber’s tape can seal up a leak in a threaded joint, which you may find in your shower. In both cases, putty and tape will create a seal that is watertight, and will hold you until you can get the job done properly, preventing annoying leaks and potential floods in the meantime!


Getting into a little more intensive DIY, you should have some wrenches to deal with those more difficult tasks. A basin wrench is perfect for working on the fasteners beneath the kitchen sink, while an adjustable wrench is a truly vital tool that can help you to make replacements. You can get adjustable wrenches in a range of sizes so that you can use one for such diverse jobs as removing and replacing taps or even changing out your showerhead. You may also want to invest in a pipe wrench or two so that you can gain good leverage when working on pipes.


Another tool for the serious (and confident) DIY plumbers among you, a set of tongue and groove pliers can be useful for a variety of plumbing needs. They are great for if you need to tighten or loosen something, but be careful – they may scratch pipes, so protect your fixtures and fittings when working with them.

A professional plumber

Alright, so this isn’t technically a type of DIY plumbing equipment, but it is a vital component in ensuring your plumbing runs perfectly! While a little DIY might be fine from time to time, it cannot be a substitute for a professional, fully trained and licensed plumbing expert. While you may be able to save a few dollars on those smaller repairs, it is always best to get the situation checked over by a plumber when you can and to have your plumbing regularly serviced in order to prevent issues that might come up later. You might say a skilled plumber could be the most important item in your arsenal.

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DIY has its place, yet it is unlikely to be a long term solution. But if you are looking to get a professional opinion on your plumbing issues, and an expert hand to prevent or fix problems, then get in touch with Sameday Trades. Here, you will find a wealth of skilled and licensed plumbers who can help you with everything from minor repairs to much larger-scale jobs, and even just servicing your property. Let us know how we can help you with your plumbing, and keep you from any DIY disasters!