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Having electrical work done in your home is not so much a choice as it is an essential part of homeownership. In an emergency, you may just look up the closest electrician and give them a call, regardless of their qualifications. However, we are here to tell you – hiring a certified electrician is always the right answer!


Most electrical jobs can be carried out safely by a professional, but things can go wrong. If you have an electrician working on your house and they become injured on the job or cause damage to your home, who is liable to cover such costs?

Hiring a certified electrician means that you will not be liable for the costs and compensation associated with such accidents, so you can have true peace of mind.

Up to date knowledge

Certified electricians are constantly educating themselves so that they can remain up to date with all of the current technology and safety knowledge in the electrical repair world. This means that they will be aware of, and able to comply with, governmental safety procedures, providing certainty for you that they not only do the best job but do it safely.

Sticking to safety codes

Because they are constantly being educated in safety procedures, certified electricians have an ingrained knowledge that they can use to keep both themselves and your home safe. They will never breach these safety regulations – it is as important to them as the job itself.


Hiring a certified electrician means that your electrician has all the right permits to work, as well as insurance documentation and bonding to protect you. This means that they have been inspected and are highly reputable. It also means that they are more accountable to you, and more likely to provide a great service without overcharging.

Fewer errors

Even for seemingly small jobs, hiring a certified electrician is the right choice. While an uncertified person may come and fix a small problem (such as a blown fuse or faulty light fixture), a fully certified professional will seek out the cause of any issue, so you won’t fall victim to recurring problems – and recurring payments!

Benefit from experience

Certified electricians go through a huge amount of training and tests, and are often inspected to ensure their knowledge is up to date. For them to become certified, they must meet stringent measures of competence. So, you can be sure you are getting a highly trained expert who has all the knowledge and experience necessary to provide top-quality work.

Surety bond

A fully certified electrician will place a surety bond. This means that you will be paid if the electrician does not complete your job in the allotted time frame. In most situations, you will get a great job done promptly, but if this cannot happen for any reason, you will be compensated for the disruption.

This will not be the same if you employ a local handyman who is not certified, so take advantage of this win-win option!

Necessary for future sales

If you find yourself building a house or thinking about wiring or rewiring a house for sale, you will need to call in a certified electrician. When you hire a certified electrician, you will not only receive excellent service carried out with care and precision, but you are also following government guidance.

Only a certified electrician can get the correct permits to wire a home, and this will be necessary if you want to get a good price on your property when it comes to making a sale. In some cases, it may slow down the selling process significantly, so it’s best to make sure you use a true professional the first time!

The right tools

We have all heard the adage that a bad workman blames his tools, but in some cases, a bad workman does not have the right tools in the first place. By hiring a certified professional electrician, you will know that your job is being completed using top of the line, high-quality tools for every task, big or small. This means that the job might take less time and will be completed properly the first time.

Stay safe

A certified electrician will be able to carry out work without causing undue damage to your home. As well as this, they can also advise you on how to best take care of your electrics, and how best to keep your home safe.

Save money

You will be getting a great electrician who will always advise you of the best materials to use so that you can enjoy improved safety and even a financial saving in the long term.

High quality

If all of this hasn’t sold you yet, remember – you will be getting a guaranteed service with a consummate professional who will be able to fix both small and large issues, without creating any more problems. You will never be left in the lurch again!

If you’re looking to hire a licensed electrician that you can rely on, get in touch with our team today.