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Although the weather is pleasant primarily in Adelaide all-around the year, having an AC in your home is still necessary.

If you are buying an air conditioner for the first time, there are a few things worth considering. On top of purchasing the right system, it’s also essential to find an excellent company to install it. And mind you, good air conditioning installers (Adelaide)

aren’t easy to come by. 

So, if you want to know what questions to ask to get the job done smoothly, we can help you out with our guide. Read on, and don’t forget to take some notes!

5 Questions To Ask Before Your Air Conditioner Installation In Adelaide

1. Which Air Conditioner Model To Buy?

Mainly, three factors can help you choose the best-suited air conditioner for yourself: system, size, and features, so let’s look at them one by one.  

A. System 

Choosing the correct type of system for your room is essential, as it affects the speed with which the space will cool.

If you pick a split system for a large area like a living room with an attached kitchen, the air conditioner will take a long time to cool. At the same time, if you opt for a multi-split system for a bedroom, it will create an uncomfortably cold environment while increasing your electricity bill.

To avoid such circumstances, here we have discussed the different types of air conditioning systems and where to install them:

i Window Air Conditioners

These ACs contain the evaporator, condenser, compressor and coils in a single unit. Since they are designed to fit into the window, they don’t require many home modifications and are perfect for small rooms. Plus, if you are a tenant and need to move houses frequently, this one is easier to remove and transport than others.

ii Split Air Conditioners

The split air conditioners are called so because they consist of two components – the cooling unit is fixed inside your room, and the compressor is kept outside. Like window ACs, these are suitable for single rooms, but the total coverage and the cooling speed are much better. The only gripe is they are somewhat tedious to install and uninstall. 

iii. Multi-split Air Conditioners

These ACs function just like the split systems, except they have multiple cooling units indoors instead of one. They are excellent for multi-zone cooling as several units in various home parts can be attached to a single compressor. The systems are connected using piping and have higher upfront costs than the last two.

iv Ducted Air Conditioners

Also known as central air conditioning, this one has a large compressor connected to an internal evaporator and vents that pass through all the rooms. Although it has the highest installation cost and requires significant home modifications, it is the most efficient air conditioning system.

B. Size

Depending on the area you need to cool or heat and the layout of your home, the recommended AC size can vary from two to ten kilowatts. Only your installer can tell you the best fit for your room, but you can refer to this data for some clarity:

  • 10 to 25 m² – 2.5 kilowatt

  • 25 to 35 m² – 3.5 kilowatt

  • 35 to 60 m² – 5 to 6 kilowatt

  • 60 to 85 m² – 7 to 8.5 kilowatt

  • 85 to 95 m² – 9 to 9.4 kilowatt

C. Features

New air conditioners come with several handy features to add comfort. Some features that you can consider are:

  • Zoning

  • System check lights

  • Motion sensing

  • Remote control

  • Smart connectivity

  • Variable compressor speed settings

  • Air quality

  • Energy conserving mode

2. How Long Will The Installation Take?

After choosing the AC, the next step is to estimate the time required to install it. You’ll have to ask your installer about the whole installation timeline; doing this will give you an idea of the home modifications needed. 

Installing a window AC or a split system takes only a few hours, but multi-split and duct air conditioners can take two days.

3. Who Should You Hire To Install Your Air Conditioner?

For starters, you should look into the years of experience the company has under its belt to establish that it is reliable. You can go on the website and read through the profiles of its employees to see what it specialises in.

Furthermore, see if the installers are licensed and if the company specifies its terms and conditions in writing. Ensure that it follows the ACCA standards in Adelaide to get the AC installed safely. 

It’s also imperative to estimate the total installation cost beforehand to avoid discrepancies later on. 

4. What Service And Maintenance Will The New Unit Require?

Needles to say, the AC will require some maintenance and service every season to operate smoothly. So, it’s important to ascertain if the installer offers future service in addition to installation. 

Remember to ask them about the unit’s life expectancy, if you can do some basic filter cleaning yourself and about the frequency of professional servicing. 

5. How Can One Maximise The Efficiency Of The Air Conditioner?

The installers are familiar with the features of the air conditioner, and they can suggest a few ways to maximise the efficiency of your unit. They can also give you tips to cut down on electricity consumption and save a few bucks. 

Summing It Up

Several small things need to be taken care of while installing an air conditioner. And finding good air conditioning installers (Adelaide)

can simplify things to a great extent.

We’ve reached the end of this handy guide on questions to ask the potential installer before installing an AC unit. Until next time, take care and goodbye!