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Are you planning to upgrade your hot water system? If you’re just about to move into a new property or your current system is on the way out, picking something energy efficient may be the top of your priority list. If it can save you money and be less impactful on the environment, all the better. But how do you go about choosing an energy-efficient hot water system in Australia?

Here are some of our top tips for choosing the best, most efficient hot water heater for your personal needs:

Find out what kind of water heater you need for your home

Before you even investigate different models and options for efficient hot water systems, you’ll want to start by looking at what kind of water heater you’ll need for your specific home and requirements. A house with a single person, for example, may need far less hot water than a family of six would.

Capacity, size and functionality are all the first considerations you should make before narrowing in on specific features and efficiency measures included in your hot water heater. Once you’ve done some research and have a general idea of what’s suited to your home and family, you can then take a closer look at precisely what models are available to you.

Storage or no storage?

For larger households or homes with older hot water systems, a cistern is the norm. This stores water to heat it up and then provides the heated water to the property. Many modern heating systems don’t come with a required cistern, meaning access to hot water is on an ‘on demand’ basis as and when it is needed.

As for which method is most efficient, that depends on several factors. For example, an old-school cistern system may be far more costly because there’s more water to heat. But systems with a tank and solar power may require less electricity to run than a system without a water tank might.

Picking heaters with renewable energy

As we mentioned above, your hot water heater type can play a huge role in whether it’s efficient in power consumption and day-to-day use. As a result, renewable energy, usually in solar panels, is an increasingly popular option for hot water heaters across Australia.

The Aussie environment is the perfect fit for these kinds of systems, allowing for the fast heating of water without the expense of a larger electric bill as a result. While solar systems are more costly, they can make up for their up-front price tag over time with the costs they save you from accessing hot water. Depending on the number of people accessing water, you may need additional solar panels for peak efficiency.

Look at what’s available in your budget

Buying the most efficient hot water heater on the market might sound like an excellent idea, but that efficiency may come at a high cost. Looking at what you can afford in your budget can help you decide which water heater is most affordable while providing the best efficiency possible. In some cases, it may be worth paying more up-front to save costs later down the line, for example, with solar systems.

If you’re choosing a hot water system for a house that you’re planning to live in for a long time, it’s also worth looking at what different systems will cost over time. For example, some systems may require more maintenance than others, and some may need replacing sooner to be as efficient as they possibly can be.

Read online reviews and testimonials

Other customers are the ideal place to turn when you’re buying any product, whether it’s a new vacuum cleaner, pair of shoes, or brand-new hot water system. Online reviews and testimonials can give you an excellent real-world idea of how efficient and high-quality your chosen heater is in the real world instead of on paper.

If you like the look of a specific model, it’s worth reading online reviews or seeking information from friends or relatives before pressing the button on the costly expense. Not only can you weed out the worst options, but you may also get recommendations for systems with excellent efficiency that you hadn’t even considered before.

Ask a professional

If in doubt, speaking to an expert is the best way to find a hot water system that works for your individual needs and home. A professional plumber and installation specialist will be familiar with all the options and brands available to you and provide the best options on the market. If you’re looking for peak efficiency within a specific budget, an expert is the best person to turn to.

Our Same Day Trades team is the ideal choice for your new hot water system. Get in touch today for a free quote.