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  • Is Switching To A Gas Heater Worth Replacing Your Electric One?
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Wondering if it’s time to switch from your electric heater to a gas one? You’re not alone. A key fact is that changing heating systems can impact both comfort and costs. This article will guide you through the benefits and considerations of making the switch, with advice from professional electricians.

Keep reading to find out if it’s worth it for you….

Understanding Home Heating Systems

Heating systems are a key part of keeping homes warm. We see two main types: gas heaters and electric ones.

Gas-Based Heating

Gas-based heating uses natural gas to warm your home. This type of heating is common in many houses. It works by burning natural gas, which generates heat that’s then spread through the house.

A big point for gas heating is its cost-effectiveness compared to electric heaters, especially in areas where gas is cheaper than electricity.

Another plus of gas heaters is they can keep running even during power outages, offering a reliable source of warmth. They’re also known for getting rooms warm quickly and efficiently spreading heat throughout a space.

However, installing and maintaining these systems might need help from professionals to ensure safety and peak performance. Now, let’s talk about electric heating….

Electric Heating

Moving on from gas-based heating, electric heating offers a different approach for keeping your home warm. Electric heaters convert electricity directly into heat. This method is straightforward – you just plug them in and turn them on.

They are perfect for people who want an easy solution without the need for pipes or a gas supply.

Electric heaters can be more energy-efficient compared to some old gas systems. Since they don’t burn fuel internally to generate heat, there’s no risk of carbon monoxide leaks, making them safer in many homes.

Plus, they’re great for smaller spaces or as supplementary heat sources during chilly weather. With various models available, from portable heaters to fixed installations, finding one that fits your needs is simpler than ever.


Reasons to Consider Switching to Electric Heating

Moving to electric heating could save you money and make your home safer. These are two big reasons that might make you want to change.

Energy efficiency

Gas heaters often use less energy than electric ones, making them a smart choice for your home. They can heat up a space quickly and keep it warm without using lots of power. This means you might see lower bills during cold months.

Electric heating systems usually cost more to run. In Australia, where electricity prices can be high, switching to gas could save money in the long term. Plus, gas heaters have become better at using fuel efficiently.

This helps cut down on waste and saves even more on costs.

Safety concerns

Safety matters a lot with heaters. Gas models can leak carbon monoxide if they are not well-kept. This gas is harmful and can’t be seen or smelled, making leaks very risky. Homes need good air flow and detectors to stay safe.

Electric heaters don’t have these risks. They are safer because there’s no chance of gas leaks.

Electric units also don’t get as hot on the outside, so they’re less likely to cause burns or fires if touched. Thinking about kids and pets, this makes electric options a bit better for safety at home.

Now, let’s look into what you should consider before switching your heating system over to electric.


Considerations When Converting to Electric Heating

Switching to electric heating needs careful thought. It’s key to check your home and budget before making the move.

Existing power supply

Your home’s current power setup is a big thing to think about. Most homes are already set up for electricity, but not all may be ready for a gas heater. This means you have to check if your house can easily connect to gas lines or if it needs major work.

Some houses might just need a small change, while others could face big costs and more time.

The cost of getting your home ready for electric heating can vary. It mostly depends on what you already have in place. For example, updating your electrical system to handle a new electric heater might be simple if the existing setup is almost good enough.

Conversion costs

Switching from an existing power supply to a new system involves some cost. Changing to electric heating from gas can hit your wallet at first. Expect upfront costs like buying the electric heater itself and installation fees.

Prices vary based on the type of heater you pick and how complex installing it is in your home.

You might also need to upgrade electrical systems to handle the new heater, adding more to the total bill. It’s smart money talk – think about these expenses before making a move.

Talk with professionals who know about these changes. They can give you a good idea of what it will cost, so there are no surprises later.

Home space and suitability

After exploring the costs that come with the switch, it’s crucial to think about your home’s layout and if it fits an electric heater. Electric heaters need less room compared to gas ones.

This means they can be a good choice for smaller homes or apartments. The space where you plan to install the heater impacts this decision too.

You also need advice from experts before making any changes. They can check your home and suggest the best heating option based on its design and needs. Different homes have unique features, so what works well for one might not suit another just as nicely.

Professional consultation

Talking to a professional can make a big difference. They know all about heaters and what your house needs. You might want to change from an electric heater to a gas one, but there are many things to think about first.

A professional will look at your home and tell you the best way to do it. They have lots of experience and can help you save time and money.

Next, let’s look at how choosing the right type of heating affects our planet.



Switching to a gas heater from an electric one has its perks. You might save money and enjoy more warmth in the cooler months. Yet, it’s not all smooth sailing – think about your house needs and chat with a pro before making the leap.

In short, it could be worth it if you play your cards right! Just make sure to weigh up every bit of info first.