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Our homes rely on water, but a water leak can be highly damaging to your household. From water damage and increased outgoings to your water just not being there when you need it, the issues caused by water leaks are seemingly endless. But what if you think you have a water leak but aren’t sure how to know for certain? We have collected some top tips for how you can detect a water leak in your home, and what you can do once you have.

1. Check your bills

One of the best ways to check whether you have a water leak or not is by looking at your water bills. While this might not seem as obvious as some other tips, it can be a great way to locate a less obvious leak. If your water bill is usually quite steady, and suddenly you seem to be spending a lot more money than usual, it is more than likely that your increase in water usage is due to a leak. Your water bills should remain in roughly the same range from month to month, so even a slow increase could be an indicator of a leak that you cannot see, but are feeling the financial impact of!

2. Address your outside space

Leaks can occur anywhere on your property, not just inside your household. If your water bill has gone up and there is no clear leak in the house, or you are spotting signs of dampness in your yard, it is worth assessing the outside area. Check your garden hose connections and spigots to see if there is any sign of leaks. While these might not seem as damaging as leaks found inside your home, you might be surprised at how much they could cost you and how much harm they could do to your land and the foundations of your home.

3. Look for differing grass colour

This might sound strange, but having a very green lawn is not always a good thing. If you notice that there are patches of grass in your yard that are greener than others, then this could in fact point to a water leak in a buried line. While having a lush lawn might be your dream, it could be causing serious damage to your property, so if you notice the grass is too green, contact a professional as soon as possible.

4. Perform regular checks

Even if you do not think there are any leaks inside your house, performing regular checks yourself is a good way to find out. Check the back of cabinets and under your sinks for any signs of damp. This could include bad smells, mould, or the presence of wetness in the area. Something as simple as discolouration could indicate a leak, so if you see any of these signs, a plumber will be able to find the exact location of the leak and help you to take care of the situation. Again, even minor leaks can be costly and cause major damage to your property, so vigilance is truly key.

5. Look for clues

There are some less obvious clues that you might miss unless you know to look for them. Signs of leaking are not always that steady drip-drip-drip sound! Bubbling wallpaper could indicate a leak, as could walls that have become inexplicably discoloured. You may put this down to an ageing property, but this could be due to a water leak.

While, yes, a mysterious dripping sound is well worth paying attention to, clues such as a musty smell or insects being inexplicably drawn to a certain area in your home could be just as telling when it comes to leaks. And just as vital to address swiftly! A leak may also be coming from your roof, or even from your windows; in order to prevent serious damage, you should always contact a plumber.

6. Call a professional

If you still aren’t sure about the location of your water leak, or you don’t know what to do when you find it, it is worth calling in a professional plumber in order to help you find the source of your trouble. They will also help you to control and fix the issue. This is where regularly having your plumbing checked and serviced comes in handy, as your plumber will be able to locate potential issues before they have time to develop and advise you on how best to remedy them.

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