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Want to install a cooktop or a gas oven in your kitchen? 

If you’re planning to do the task yourself, we suggest you stop right there because even the slightest mistake can threaten your safety. That’s why it’s advisable to hire an experienced professional who knows the ins and outs of gas-related tasks. 

And that’s where gas plumbers enter the picture. Whether you want to repair a faulty gas oven or install a hot water system, gas plumbers possess the skills and capabilities to complete all the tasks. 

Unfortunately, not every homeowner knows the duties and responsibilities of a gas plumber, which is why they find it challenging to hire one in times of need. Keeping this in mind, we decided to put together a guide where we’ll walk you through the tasks that a gas plumber (Adelaide

) is capable of undertaking. 

So, let’s dive in! 

What Does A Gas Plumber In Adelaide Do? 

A qualified gas plumber is responsible for repairing, inspecting, and installing natural gas lines and appliances. More often than not, homeowners prefer regular plumbers to install a new heating system in their residence. However, you must not do so because installing such appliances is the job of a gas plumber. 

Not only residential, but they also have the expertise and skills to work in industrial and commercial settings. Thus, you can call them for gas-related issues at offices and factories without worries. 

Also, when it comes to fixing faulty gas systems and appliances, calling a professional gas plumber is the best bet. That’s because handling them yourself or leaving them unattended can lead to serious accidents, which is why you must act fast in such situations. 

Having said that, here we have mentioned a list of the jobs that a licensed gas plumber is capable of performing. 

  • Installing gas pipes, regulating and detection systems, and gas appliances

  • Measuring and marking gas installation points

  • Interpreting gas installation drawings, plans, and specifications

  • Regular check-ups of gas systems

  • Educating customers on handling gas appliances and systems

How To Choose A Gas Fitter

Not all gas plumbers are trustworthy and reliable, so you must be extra careful while choosing one for your property. 

Sadly, many inexperienced or unlicensed plumbers perform these tasks and endanger their life. Of course, this isn’t advisable, and they should refrain from doing so to prevent injuring themselves. 

So, to save you from inexperienced plumbers, we decided to put together some pointers that will come in handy for choosing the best gas plumber (Adelaide)

. Let’s check them out. 

1. Licensed And Insured

When it comes to gas-related tasks, it’s best to hire those who are licensed in the field rather than amateurs. That’s because their license stands as testimony that they have undergone training and worked under a licensed practitioner. Thus, they possess the necessary skills and nous to execute the tasks without putting their and others’ lives at stake.

In addition to that, they should have insurance coverage so that if any accident occurs on the field, their insurance will meet their medical expenses. Another perk of hiring an insured gas plumber is that you’ll receive compensation for the damage caused to your property. 

2. Qualifications

Gas-related tasks can become a costly affair if not handled properly, which is why it’s advisable to go for a qualified individual so that you can rest assured that your property is in safe hands. 

That’s why when you hire a gas plumber, make sure you check their qualifications. Ideally, they should have Certificate III in Plumbing and Certificate IV in Plumbing and Services. So, you must ask them for these certificates to check whether they are qualified in the field or not. 

3. Size Of The Project

Another thing that you should consider before hiring a gas plumber is the size of the project. Ideally, we suggest hiring a freelancer or an individual gas plumber for small projects like repairing or fitting gas appliances. 

However, you should always hire a company for large-scale projects because they have a panel of gas fitter specialists. Thus, you can rest assured that they will provide you with top-notch services, so no issues arise in the future. 

4. Availability

Gas-related emergencies can arise anywhere at any time, and leaking gases and split pipes wait for no one. Thus, it would help if you went for a company that offers its services and professionals 24×7 so that you can rely on them in emergencies. 

5. Pricing

There’s no denying that there are plenty of gas plumbing companies on the market ready to serve people in times of emergency. However, no two companies charge the same, so we advise you to get quotes from a few of them to get the service done without breaking the bank. 

Surely, local companies will charge less than reputed ones, but you should keep in mind that their quality of service will differ from the latter. And when it comes to gas-related tasks, we suggest going for established ones because their services are top-notch. Of course, you’ll have to shell out extra bucks, but it will be worth it. 

6. Customer Service

Hiring a gas plumbing company that doesn’t answer your queries or assist you in the process is no less than a nightmare for individuals. This is why you must go for companies willing to go the extra mile by addressing customers’ concerns and queries, so you don’t feel dissatisfied. 

Summing up what a gas fitter does

So, are you ready to hire a gas fitter to fix or install hot water systems, stoves, fireplaces and other appliances? 

If yes, don’t forget to check their certificates, license, and insurance to see if they are the right fit for the job. And if this sounds too overwhelming, consider hiring an established plumbing company because they consist of skilled individuals and experts in the field. 

But before we wrap our guide, here’s a last piece of advice – make sure you take quotes from multiple companies and check customer reviews before hiring any company for gas-related tasks. 

And that’s it for today; stay safe and take care!