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While we may be in the midst of the Aussie winter right now, warmer months are just around the corner – and with that comes a need for good-quality air conditioning. Whether you need to upgrade an existing system or you’re looking to install an air conditioner for the first time, we’re here to cover what that process looks like from start to finish.

When you hire a professional to install air conditioning on your property, here’s what you can expect the installation process to look like:

Initial evaluations and choosing your new unit

The first step to installing a brand-new air conditioning system is divided into two. Firstly, a qualified professional will need to come out on-site and look at what is already installed. If you’ve not had air conditioning before, they’ll need to come and look at places where air conditioning could be installed and let you know of any additional work required to complete the install.

Once the first checks are done, you’ll be able to choose the new air conditioning unit you want to be installed. It may be easier to pick a unit of a similar size and style to suit existing spaces in some cases. In other cases, you might want to select the most efficient or best-suited option for your property’s size and daily use.

Removal of existing systems or construction for a new system

The next stage of installing new air conditioning is removing what’s already there. In some cases, vented or old-fashioned systems will require complete removal by a professional to carry out a fresh install. Your installer should cover all nearby surfaces to protect them during removals completely, and in most cases, they can take the old unit away to be disposed of before the new unit is put in.

If construction work is required, whether it’s filling holes, creating new ones, or putting ducting in place, that will all happen at this stage. An expert will know your chosen model’s exact dimensions and requirements and then carry out any work required quickly and effectively for a fast and smooth installation process.

Installation of the new system

Now all the groundwork is done, installation can take place for your new air conditioning unit. This may mean installing new outlets and electrics, or it could be as simple as replacing your unit exactly where the old one was removed from. As part of the installation, the expert electrician will make sure all manufacturer requirements are covered completely.

In most cases, air conditioning installation is very straightforward and will only take a single day to complete once everything else is removed. Usually, you can start making use of your brand-new air conditioner on the same day of install to get the most use out of it in the hotter Aussie spring and summer seasons.

Testing and installation of thermostat

Before completing your installation, your electrician will install and configure a thermostat for use with your air conditioner. In some cases, the thermostat is placed on the wall for ease of access. In other cases, it may be controlled via a remote device. Some of the most modern air-con systems can even be controlled from mobile, though it is more common to have a standard thermostat in the home.

Your installer will thoroughly check that your thermostat is working at all temperatures, allowing for testing on anything from low to high settings. If you want a specific, different thermostat for your home, you can order it separately and have it installed at a later date. Once this has been approved and signed off, most of the hard work is done – and you’re ready to enjoy all the benefits of fresh, cool air within your home.

Final checks and maintenance plans

Before your installer leaves, they will go through all the basics of care and maintenance for your air conditioning, allowing you to keep it in good working condition for longer. They will perform final checks to ensure everything is working as it should, and at this point, you can also sign up for ongoing care and maintenance plans to keep your air-con in top condition.

From repair contracts to yearly or quarterly maintenance, someone can come out and keep your air conditioner ticking over with regular checks and professional care as and when needed. While maintenance is optional, it’s highly recommended unless you want to keep up with all the necessary care yourself.

Are you looking to install a new air conditioner in the Hilton area? With extensive experience in replacing, maintaining, and installing air-con systems, our team at Same Day Trades is the best choice for the job. Get in touch today to book an initial evaluation or get a free quote for our air con services.