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We have all been there – one hand full of groceries while we fumble for the keys with the other hand to unlock the front door.

It becomes difficult to find the key and unlock the door in the dark, as there is no way to hold the flashlight. That is precisely why sensor lights are needed! The doorway is immediately lit up as you approach the house, which saves you the trouble of performing a juggling act every time.

You are able to find the right key easily, and you can open the door in one go. This makes sensor lights extremely popular today, and if you are thinking about getting one, we are here to help. 

In this guide, we will tell you about the benefits of using a sensor light and its purpose. We genuinely believe in its advantages, and we are hoping you will too, so let us get going! 

What Is The Purpose Of A Sensor Light?

Let us take you through the various benefits of using a sensor light so that you know if installing it is a good idea.

1. Energy-Efficient Choice

The best part about sensor lights is that they will only function when needed. This makes them all the more effective and durable as the lights are going to be used sparingly. You will be able to save electricity, and you should see almost no spike in electricity bills. 

2. Security Measure 

Imagine thieves trying to break in and the lights turning on, making them visible to anybody passing by. Yes, sensor lights can discourage robbers from trying to enter your house by lighting up and giving away their position. You can pair these lights up with a good security camera and alarm system to ensure complete safety if you live in an area prone to robbery. 

Moving on, these lights welcome you home every time you return. You will never have to enter the house in the dark again and opening the lock will be easier. 

If you are having guests come over, these lights can assist them as well since everyone will be able to spot various garden installations to avoid them while walking. 

3. Accessible Lights 

Decks, garage spaces and outdoor sitting areas need lights that are easily accessible. If you have switches indoors, guests may not be able to find them, and you will have to walk up to the light switch every time, which is not convenient. 

But with sensor lights installed, you will not have to worry about switching them on. Just sit wherever you want to, and the lights will turn on. 

4. Design 

Previously sensor lights would work as flood lights, and they were known to be similar. However, today sensor lights have become a design statement, and you can use them to highlight the space in front of the house. 

There are a number of outdoor lighting options available, and you can purchase one depending on your needs. There are options for deck lighting, garden lighting, step lighting, and pathway lighting, to name a few. 

Some Tips To Remember 

Now that you know about the purpose of a sensor light let us share some tips to remember. 

1. Placement

Placing sensor lights in a convenient spot is an essential part of the task as that will decide when they light up. So, read the back of the pack and the product description to know about the detection range of the lights. 

Then you can place them accordingly and hire professionals to install the lights to ensure that they are working correctly. 

2. Weather Protection 

Sensor lights that are placed outdoors should be considered safe for use in bad weather. That means the lights should be able to function during rain as well, so check if they are waterproof and are able to sustain strong winds. After all, you will not want to spend a lot of money on purchasing replacements.

3. Colour

Usually, sensor lights are available in yellow and white colors, and you can choose one depending on the aesthetics. We will suggest a warm shade as it looks more inviting but a white-colored light is brighter and may work better in discouraging thieves. 

4. Smart Home Automation 

Some sensor lights can be connected to the home automation system and even though old lights do not have this feature, you can do this easily with the latest models. You may be able to adjust the light from a smartphone as well as inside the house.

5. Light Pattern 

Do you want a floodlight that will illuminate a huge space, or are you looking for less wattage where the light highlights only a small portion? If you need to light a hallway, then it is best to use multiple sensor lights along the way. 

However, a floodlight is a better option for garages, so there are models available for both scenarios, and you can make a choice depending on your needs.


But before you purchase sensor lights, check out how they are powered. If you live in an area that sees a lot of sunshine, then it is best to opt for energy-efficient solar-powered light. 

There are even battery-powered options that work well. You might have to replace the battery once in a while but rest assured that it will not be frequent. 

Also, there are sensor lights that are connected to the main power system through wires. These are the easiest to maintain as you will not have to change the batteries at all. 

Purchase the right one, and it will serve you well for a long time. With this, we will be ending this guide, and we hope you have the answer to, “what is the purpose of a sensor light?” 

Take care and goodbye!