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Choosing the right tapware can be a headache. Did you know that taps are not just for water? They add style to your bathroom too. This article will guide you through picking tapware that looks good and works well. Keep reading, it gets interesting!

Importance of tapware for both functionality and aesthetics

Tapware plays a big role in your bathroom and kitchen, not just for water flow but also in looking good. Good tapware can make a space feel more special. It’s like the cherry on top of your home’s design.

You want taps that do their job well and last long without getting rusty or leaking. They should match the style of your place too, whether it’s modern or classic.

Choosing the right tapware involves thinking about both its use and beauty. The best taps work great and add to the room’s look. In Adelaide SA, professionals like plumbers know how important this is.

Next up, we’ll talk about why picking high-quality tapware matters so much.

Consider the Quality of Tapware

Checking the quality of tapware matters a lot. Good materials and strong build mean taps last longer and work better.

Material and construction

The choice of material for your tapware affects its look and how long it lasts. Stainless steel, brass, and chrome are popular because they don’t rust easily. These materials also make tapware easy to clean, keeping them shiny for years.

Some taps have a special coating to fight off marks and stains, which is great for busy bathrooms.

In construction, solid builds mean fewer leaks down the track. Plumbers in Adelaide SA often suggest picking taps made from one piece rather than those assembled from many parts. This can cut down on water leaks.

Professional plumbers know that well-made taps should feel heavy and sturdy – a sign they’ll last longer and save you money on repairs or replacements in the future.

Durability and warranties

Moving from materials and construction, we see that long-lasting tapware is a must. Taps face water, soap, and touch many times a day. Good ones can handle this for years. Always check how long the warranty lasts.

Look for taps made with strong materials like solid brass. These are more likely to stay working well and looking good over time. Companies often use warranties as a sign of quality – longer warranties suggest better endurance.

So, picking tapware isn’t just about today’s look but ensuring it stays functional without constant fixes or replacements.

Choose a Style and Finish that Matches Your Bathroom

Picking the right style and finish for your tapware can really make your bathroom shine. Make sure it goes well with what you already have to create a perfect look.

Trends in tapware design

Today, many people love sleek and modern tapware designs. They prefer taps that look clean and sharp in their bathrooms. You’ll notice a lot of matte black or brushed nickel finishes are popular.

These choices add a touch of elegance without being too flashy.

Smart technology is also making its way into tapware design. Taps can now save water and change temperature with smart features. This means you can have a shower at the perfect temperature every time.

Next up, let’s talk about choosing the right type of tap for your space…

Matching with existing fixtures

Choosing the right tapware means thinking about what you already have at home. Your new taps should fit well with your sink, bath, and toilet. This makes sure everything looks good together.

Look at the colors and shapes in your bathroom or kitchen. Try to find taps that match these. For example, if your sink is round, choose taps with soft curves.

It’s also smart to think about the finish of your taps. Taps come in many colors like silver, gold, or black. Pick one that goes well with other metal things in the room, like door handles or light fixtures.

This helps create a nice look all through the space.

Decide on the Type of Tap

Choosing the right tap type can make a big difference. Think about what you need – something simple or more advanced for saving water?

Mixer vs. separate taps

Deciding between mixer taps and separate taps can significantly impact the functionality and style of your bathroom. Mixer taps blend hot and cold water in one single unit, allowing for easier temperature control, while separate taps have distinct controls for hot and cold water.


Feature Mixer Taps Separate Taps
Control Single control for temperature and flow Separate controls for hot and cold water
Installation Requires one hole in the sink/basin Needs two holes, one for each tap
Design Modern and sleek, suits contemporary bathrooms Traditional look, matches classic decor
Functionality Ease of use, especially for children and the elderly Provides precise control over water temperature
Water-saving More efficient in reducing water waste Less efficient compared to mixer taps


Both options have their unique benefits. Mixer taps stand out for their convenience and water efficiency, making them a favourite in modern Australian homes. On the other hand, separate taps offer a classic appeal and precise temperature control, appealing to those with traditional tastes. The choice ultimately depends on personal preference, design goals, and practical considerations such as space and plumbing requirements.

Wall-mounted vs. basin-mounted

Choosing between wall-mounted and basin-mounted tapware is crucial for the overall design and functionality of your bathroom. This decision impacts daily use, maintenance, and the space’s visual appeal. Here’s a quick comparison to guide you:


Feature Wall-mounted Basin-mounted
Installation Space Requires less physical space on the basin/sink, making it ideal for smaller bathrooms. Needs sufficient space around the basin rim for installation, suitable for larger bathrooms.
Appearance Offers a sleek, modern look that can make a bathroom feel more spacious. Provides a traditional appearance, fitting well with classic bathroom designs.
Maintenance Easier to clean around the basin area, as there are no tap fixtures interrupting the sink surface. May require more effort to clean around, especially if the taps are intricate or numerous.
Installation and Repairs Typically more complex and costly to install and repair due to in-wall plumbing requirements. Simpler and often less expensive to install and repair, with accessible plumbing connections.
Water-saving Options Both types can be fitted with water-saving devices, though wall-mounted taps often come equipped with more advanced features. Water-saving features depend on the specific model but are widely available.


Each type offers unique benefits. Your choice might depend on your bathroom’s size, your aesthetic preference, and your budget for both upfront installation and potential future repairs. Moving on, let’s explore the water-saving options available for these taps, ensuring your choice aligns with environmental considerations and utility bill savings.

Water-saving options

Many modern taps come with water-saving features. This means they use less water each time you turn them on. Look for taps with aerators or flow restrictors. They mix air with the water, so you feel a full stream without using as much.

Some taps have special valves that cut down how much hot water gets mixed in. This saves both water and energy.

Choosing these options helps lower your bills and is good for the planet too. Next up, let’s explore added features and technology in tapware.

Look for Added Features and Technology

Check out the latest tech in taps like touchless features and ways to control water temperature. Learn more about these cool additions for your tapware!

Touchless options

Touchless taps are becoming more popular. People like them because they are easy to use and help keep things clean. You just wave your hand near the tap, and water comes out. This is great for stopping germs from spreading.

Many homes and public places are starting to use touchless taps.

These taps also save water. Since they only run when you need them, they don’t waste water. This can help lower your bills and is good for the planet too. Touchless technology isn’t just smart; it’s a choice that looks after both hygiene and the environment.

Temperature control

Taps with temperature control let you set how hot or cold the water should be. This means no more guessing and getting it just right every time. Safe for homes with kids, these taps help avoid burns by keeping water at a safe warmth.

Modern tapware comes with built-in temperature settings. You can choose the exact degree for your water – making bath time perfect or filling up the sink for dishes easy. Plus, saving energy by using just what you need to heat water helps lower bills.

Water pressure control

Water pressure control in tapware is key for a steady and comfortable water flow. Good taps let you adjust the pressure easily. This means you can have a strong flow for filling pots and a gentle one for washing hands.

Some modern taps even come with built-in systems to keep the pressure constant, no matter how many other taps are on in the house.

Choosing taps with advanced water pressure technology can save water too. They reduce waste by controlling the amount of water that comes out. This feature is great for both your wallet and the environment.

Look for these smart taps to make your home more efficient and eco-friendly.


Picking the right tapware does wonders for your bathroom. Think about quality, design, and features that suit your space. Make sure it matches, lasts long, and saves water too. Tech like touchless taps or temperature control adds comfort.

So, choose wisely for a mix of style and function in your bathroom refresh!