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Installing a rainwater tank can be extremely beneficial for both your home and the environment. The installation process can be difficult and quite tricky, which is why we would strongly recommend hiring a skilled technician to install your rainwater tank for you. Here we will explain what a rainwater tank is, who should install it and the advantages of hiring a skilled technician to do the job.

Who should install rainwater tanks?

rainwater tanks should be installed by skilled technicians that have extensive experience in this field. Installing a rainwater tank yourself can be a difficult and complicated task, which is why it is highly recommended that you avoid taking this task upon yourself, to ensure that your rainwater tank is correctly installed and will work effectively.

install rainwater tanks in the ground

What is a rainwater tank?

A rainwater tank is a tank that will collect rainwater that can be repurposed elsewhere. For example, the rainwater collected in a rainwater tank can be used within your home, for example, it can be put towards flushing toilets, your laundry and maintaining the garden as a way to minimise your water bills. rainwater tanks are becoming increasingly popular, which is why it is important that you maximise your tank by having it correctly installed.

Why you should rely on a skilled technician to install rainwater tanks

Here we will outline some of the many reasons why you should trust a skilled technician to install your rainwater tank for you:

License and expert training

Skilled technicians will have been awarded a license and will have undergone extensive training in their field to make them the best people for the job of installing a rainwater tank. Their expert training ensures that they will have lots of knowledge and understanding of the installation process, meaning they will be able to install it correctly without any risk of damage or faults. Ensure that your skilled technician has an industry awarded license.


Skilled technicians will have lots of experience installing rainwater tanks, making them the most efficient to complete the task. You can rely on a skilled technician to use their experience to efficiently install your rainwater tank. Their experience alone makes a skilled technician more qualified to handle the job.

Awareness of important legislation

Skilled technicians have a duty to work within Australian legislation, meaning that you can trust that your rainwater tank will be installed within regulations. Skilled technicians will have an in-depth awareness of Australian standards, including state and governmental requirements, plumbing regulations and any water industry regulations that need to be considered. You can be assured that a skilled technician will safely and securely install your rainwater tank within required regulations.


A skilled technician will ensure that your rainwater tank is installed safely. This is vital considering you may be using this water around and within your home. Skilled technicians will know how to securely install your rainwater tank so that you won’t have to worry about dealing with any faults yourself.

Who should you choose?

You can rely on our skilled technicians here at Same Day Trades as our trusted tradesmen are licensed and secured with a workmanship guarantee that you can rely on. You can depend on our transparent pricing to make sure that you get the best value for your money. Here at Same Day Trades, we have excellent availability and convenient bookings around your schedule. For more information about our available services, contact us directly or visit our website at