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We can all agree that a leaking drain under basin or sink

is one of the most common household plumbing issues.

Kitchen and bathroom sinks, in particular, are the two most frequented areas in any home. And there’s no reason why all that workload will not cause a leaking drain sooner rather than later. While some leaks are easy to fix the DIY way, others will require you to seek professional help. And that’s where Same Day Trades

comes into the picture.

Our expert plumbers do everything necessary to tackle a leaking drain under basin or sink

so that you don’t have to. We are committed to making the lives of our clients better by providing the right solution to all their plumbing problems. Right from establishing the case of a leaking drain under basin or sink

to replacing parts if necessary, our plumbers will walk you through the entire process.

When Should You Call Us?

Apart from a sudden leak, we’d strongly recommend you to check for the following signs and call us beforehand to avoid flooding the house. The faster a potential leak gets noticed, the less will be damage incurred.

  1. Loose Water Supply Connection

A relatively constant leak may well be caused by a loose water connection, resulting from improper installation. While most sinks feature two distinct water connections, there may be a third if the sink has a separate sprayer. Whatever be the design, each connection needs to stay firm. That said, corrosion or a failed gasket in the connector can also be troublesome.

  1. Clogged P-Trap

As you may already know, the P-trap seals off the drain to prevent the outflow of foul odour. Over time, it gets clogged with dirt and debris, thereby putting more pressure on the pipe structure to create leaks. Other than that, corroded metal parts may also cause leaks. In that case, it’s advisable to change the P-trap.

  1. Worn-Out Washers

Each time you turn on the faucet, the washer gets pressed against the valve seat. The continuous friction can damage the washers before time, creating initial small leaks around the spout. In fact, worn-out washers are a primary problem for compression faucets.

  1. Corroded Valve Seat

The valve seat serves as a link between the faucet and spot to facilitate the compression mechanism. Depending on the frequency of use, the accumulation of water and moisture can corrode it pretty quickly. Hence, you may want to clean the valve regularly with professional help.

Why Should You Call Us?

Not only do we serve all major areas, but we also boast of quick service. Upon contacting us through our website or 24×7 emergency helpline, our plumbers will arrive at your doorstep within a couple of hours.

Same Day Trades

offers a host of flexible payment options with minimal deposit and interest-free options so that you don’t have to pay much upfront. Just ask the plumber for more information, and he will sign you up in a couple of minutes.

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We have more than 850+ Five Star Reviews


Living alone meant when my toilet and drain was not working I was completely stressed and had no idea what to do. From the initial phone call, to the first visit and quote for the job I was reassured and helped by each person...


Luke at Same Day Trades did a great job and was very professional and courteous as are all other tradespeople that I have dealt with from your company on the times that I have used your services.


We had a kitchen drain that was blocking up from grease. The plumber cleaned it out with Hydro jet drain cleaning machine. Drain is now back to original condition. Very happy with the works done.

Nikki B.

Preformed a great service and was very clear on pricing and what needed to be done before starting. Also went above and beyond to make sure there was no other problems elsewhere that needed attending too. Highly recommend!

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